Case studies

Every day, data from the UK Data Service and the Data Research Centres are used to inform research and influence policy.

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These case studies demonstrate how big data are being used in research.

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Measuring the impact of online shopping on high streets across England

This study, conducted by researchers from the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC), explores how the growth in online consumption is reshaping the structure of the UK high streets and analyses the resistance of retail centres to the impact of online sales.

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A model to estimate the diversity of domestic energy demand at high-resolution

The UK aims to considerably reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Part of the challenge involves decarbonising electricity supplied from the national grid, and then electrifying heating, by replacing most of the oil and gas boilers used to heat buildings today with technologies such as heat pumps which run on electricity. Eoghan McKenna and Murray Thomson from Loughborough University have developed a high-resolution model of thermal-electrical domestic demand that can provide a suitable basis for future low-carbon network studies.

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